Ghostscape 3D - Coming soon!

2015-01-23 05:49:31 by Psionic3D

I am going to put Ghostscape 3D online exclusively on Psionic Games next week, Friday 30th January!! I will also upload to Newgrounds/Kongregate/GameJolt shortly thereafter!

I am doing something a little different with this game and your support will be greatly appreciated!

I will be publishing the web version of the game FREE online on Psionic Games/Newgrounds/Kongregate/GameJolt AND I will be publishing a PAID Android version on google PLAY/Amazon App store.

There will be no adverts in either version other than a little shameless self promotion and I’m hoping that the PAID Android version will cover the cost of the last 3-4 months of my development time – long term.

It’s really big risk but I’m hoping enough people will spread the word about it and actually buy it to help support my past and future development of (mostly) FREE games. I have big plans for Being One 6 and Killer Escape 4 in the next few months and if this works out I will be able to focus fully on those!!

Please tell me what you think in the comments below and if you would consider buying it as an Android App (obviously based on my past history) even though you can play it for free online…


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2015-01-23 12:35:22

Out of curiosity, what kind of game will this be?


2015-01-25 04:01:12

I look forward to playing it, hopefully its playable without having to download that unity bullshit.