Escape Eternity

2014-09-17 14:15:09 by Psionic3D

Escape Eternity is online now


Escape Eternity is a simple 3D escape the room game, it’s my first created in UNITY and has essentially been a learning experience.

It’s just a short test game and hopefully I’ve learnt enough now to create some big epic escape games in the very near future!

Thanks for playing and if you like it please share with friends etc or take the time to review it but please don’t be too harsh in your critiques ;-) I’m still learning UNITY.


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2014-09-23 08:36:54

Just played the game and it was amazing

Psionic3D responds:

Thank you - Hopefully my next Unity 3D escape game Ghostscape 3D will be be much more ambitious!!


2014-09-30 14:30:59

please don't make all your games in unity. My computer doesn't handle 3D models very well. Pesudo 3D models it handles normally.